Random World Generator

Bachelor’s Thesis
Erich Erstu
The aim of this work is to find an easy to use solution to a more common problem –
generating random world maps that could be used in computer games. As a constraint the desirable maps would be of an Earth type planet including its heightmap, bodies of water and biomes.
First, the author describes how some of the already existing solutions work, going in depth with the complex world generator of a famous roguelike game – Dwarf Fortress. Then, a research on natural processes that take part in world generation is done. Accordingly, a general idea of believable world map creation is exposed.
Finally, using Perlin noise, water droplet simulation and Whittaker’s biome diagram a working solution is implemented as a C++ library. A graphical user interface is developed to demonstrate the library.
As a result, truly random yet natural looking world maps could be generated. These maps display a wide variety of biomes, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and fractal coastlines.

Get the thesis from here (the work is in Estonian).
See a generated world in Molehill Heightmap Viewer here.
Grab the source code from SVN: svn://ats.cs.ut.ee/u/amc/rwg

#Terminal command:
svn checkout svn://ats.cs.ut.ee/u/amc/rwg

See the world generator in action: