Homeworks in Computer Graphics

This semester I’ve been taking the course of Computer Graphics in Tartu University. For homeworks I had to develop a couple of games using Allegro5. Slime Time is a simple 2-player pong game that uses fluid dynamics to enhance the gaming experience. Arkalife is an Arkanoid derivation that features Conway’s Game of Life in some …

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“Sohni: Second Visit to the Underworld” is based on a chapter of the Estonian national epic “Kalevipoeg”, uses traditional adventure gaming elements to offer a simplified yet still engaging artistic experience. The player guides the protagonist Sohni through gloomy forests, murky bogs and eerie caves, where every obstacle and decision might sway his will to …

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Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea is a single player real time strategy game where the player has to keep order on the Baltic Sea. The game was created with Gamemaker 5.3a in the year 2007. Programming by Erich Erstu, graphics by Ivo Visak and research by Allan Trukits. DOWNLOAD