Thesis: Fluid Morphing for 2D Animations

In June 2014 I defended my Master’s Thesis: Fluid Morphing for 2D Animations. The thesis includes a C++ library and demo programs that allow arbitrary *.PNG images to be morphed in a fluid and fully automated fashion. The paper can be accessed here: The source code can be downloaded from here. It is also …

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Bitcoin Block Chain Messages

Bitcoin’s block chain is a decentralized database which main purpose is to secure and hold all Bitcoin transactions. It can be used to store other data too. For example, lovers might want to “scratch” their name letters to the block chain where they will remain forever. The authors of this site have developed a web …

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Homeworks in Computer Graphics

This semester I’ve been taking the course of Computer Graphics in Tartu University. For homeworks I had to develop a couple of games using Allegro5. Slime Time is a simple 2-player pong game that uses fluid dynamics to enhance the gaming experience. Arkalife is an Arkanoid derivation that features Conway’s Game of Life in some …

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Birth of the Dungeons

Today this site was born. Slowly but surely I will introduce the content from the previous version and enhance the visuals. Old version of the website is here: